Located at the northern end of Lake Nillahcootie

Krystallo Estate Vineyards are located at the northern end of Lake Nillahcootie in the Upper Broken River Valley. The first vines were planted on the property in 1988 in a small three acre block known as Maggie’s Paddock. The total length of the vineyard is nineteen and a half kilometers!

Harvest normally occurs in early April when the fruit has fully ripened and sugar levels are optimal. Cropping levels range from 2.5 to 3.5 tonnes per acre, depending upon the variety. At full production the vineyard produces approximately 50 tonnes of grapes. Picking is undertaken by hand to minimize the need for sulphur, which often must be added to mechanically harvested fruit to prevent early fermentation by naturally occurring yeasts. The fruit is loaded into 500kg picking bins and transported as quickly as practicable to the winery for crushing.

The close proximity of the vineyards to Lake Nillahcootie (a 40,000 ML reservoir) reduces the incidence of frost and the risk of damage during the early stages of growth. Furthermore, being located in a valley orientated north/south, the vineyard experiences consistent airflows which substantially reduces the incidence of diseases to the vines. This aids management practices which aim to minimize the use of chemicals during the growing season.


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